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Evidence-based breastfeeding education and support for the whole family.

Every family has a unique experience and my job is to honor and encourage that. Transitioning through pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent is difficult as it is, but adding the expectation of breastfeeding on top of that can be a lot of pressure. My goal is to help you feel empowered to choose the feeding plan that is best for your family’s lifestyle. I am focused on providing evidence-based lactation education and tailored support to all families regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion.


“I cannot recommend working with Lauren enough! We first met before my son was born and she was so knowledgeable and approachable about my first time mom fears/concerns/questions on breastfeeding! Once he was here, she was a tremendous resource from birth up until this day! Breastfeeding is a beautiful but hard journey and it helped me so much having constant encouragement in Lauren! She keeps it real, provides so many good tips and solutions and most of all gives you the confidence to feed your baby in the right way for you!”

Anna Y.

“ Lauren saved my nipples! We were in the NICU and, on top of the emotional drain, pumping for our baby was excruciating. She helped me make a few easy changes and immediately I felt better. I am so glad I called on Lauren for help. Her compassion and expertise helped me gain confidence as a first time mom. Highly recommend working with her!”

Christy S.

“ I did zero research on breastfeeding before I had my first child. I thought it would all just happen naturally! I was having pain from my baby latch early on and knew I needed help. Lauren was so supportive! Since we lived in different states, she was so flexible with calls, FaceTime, and pictures. She helped me feel more confident with breastfeeding and showed me different techniques to help with the pain. I felt like I could reach out to her at any time of the day and she would be there to help. Lauren even encouraged me to see a lactation consultant in my area for that in-person hands on support that’s so important. Thank you for helping me breastfeed my baby!!”

Lindsey A.

“Lauren is a lifesaver! I was not lucky enough to receive help from a lactation consultant while learning to breastfeed my first child. For the first month of her life, she struggled, I struggled, we cried, and we stressed!  With my second child, I was so thankful to help Lauren by my side! In February of 2019 when my son was 8 months he seemed to have no interest in feeding and my supply began diminishing. Of course, as a mother, I began stressing and wondering what I was doing wrong. Lauren was there for me! She was constantly checking in on me, sending me tips and tricks to try, and being my emotional support. As a mother of two who breastfed collectively for 3.5 years so much of my breastfeeding journey relied on being reassured, Lauren was my constant reassurance and voice of reason.  I am so thankful I was lucky enough to have found such wonderful, compassionate help!”

Victoria Y. 

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Meghan S. 

" You can read all about breastfeeding, take a class on how to breastfeed, but when it comes down to really need someone in-person with you once you have your baby to help you! I'm a new mom and had my baby in July 2021. At the hospital, they help you with the basics of breastfeeding, but it's a bit of trial and error until you get the hang of it. On day 3, after a poor latch during a breastfeeding session, my nipple became quite bruised and nursing became painful. This is when I reached out to Lauren! Lauren came to my home and worked with me on getting the right latch, answered my many questions, and worked 1:1 with me to see if there were any tweaks we could do to make breastfeeding successful. This was so helpful, especially given it was just days after my baby's birth and I wanted to make sure she was getting my colostrum, aka the liquid gold! About two weeks later, we found out that our babe is lactose intolerant. After chatting with Lauren and our pediatrician, I went dairy free. I really didn't want to switch to formula if there was any way I could continue to breastfeed. Lauren was so detailed and thoughtful -- asking me to check everything for milk products, even the vitamins I was taking. I hadn't even thought to check my probiotic, which of course had dairy! Our sweet babe is 5 weeks old now and I've been breastfeeding exclusively. I'm thankful for the support and confidence Lauren has given me on my breastfeeding journey. She checks in on you to see how you're doing and is a kind-hearted person who cares and is passionate about helping women on their breastfeeding journeys. If you're struggling with breastfeeding and would like help, I highly recommend working with Lauren!"

Elizabeth K. 

“A huge part of being a great doula is having trusted, thoughtful, talented people around you that you trust to refer your clients to. Before my clients even ask for breastfeeding support, I send them Lauren’s contact in anticipation and 100% of the time they reach out and are so grateful. When a new parent is postpartum and has breastfeeding needs, the needs are urgent and often very primal. There isn’t really time to even look up online who would be a good fit as a lactation counselor, they need help asap. I send them to Lauren because I know they will be in knowledgeable, encouraging and comforting hands. Much of Lauren’s approach is understanding the person and where they are mentally before jumping to solve their physical challenge, and in my mind that’s not only the best way, it’s the only way. “

Carolyn C., Doula

“ When it came to my first born child, I had no birth plan, no high expectations of what things had to look like. The only thing I knew for certain is that I wanted to try and breastfeed, and if all worked out well in the beginning, I wanted to breastfeed for one year. It was my goal. I was fortunate enough to have everything I needed to get my breastfeeding journey started right. We got the latch down pat at the hospital moments before we left, and my baby was AN EATER. At seven months, however, things changed. One day, she was crying with hunger, so I went to nurse her, and suddenly she looked at me like I was an alien. Nothing. She wouldn’t nurse. I was pumping as well at the time, so I thought nothing of it and just gave her a bottle. For a solid week, my baby showed me that, out of the blue, she was just done nursing. 


For any woman who has wanted to provide breast milk exclusively for her baby, she knows that the baby stopping nursing is a living nightmare. Pumping became my part time job. Multiple hours of the day were devoted to pumping, and the anxiety that filled me to produce, produce, produce was taking a toll. My production slowed. Finally, I asked for help on social media. Multiple friends led me to Lauren, and I can hardly even describe how luckyI am that they did. 


Lauren happily (and efficiently) texted with me for days with advice, articles, how-to-videos, and more. She didn’t pressure me into continuing to pump exclusively. She didn’t make me feel guilty or overwhelmed or like I needed to try harder. She also didn’t discourage me from meeting my goal. She simply gave me the exact tools I needed. Lauren taught me everything I needed to know with a side of extreme grace, patience, and kindness. She checked on me and my baby throughout the rest of my journey. Thanks to her (along with an incredible support system at home), I was able to meet my goal and then some. I will always feel indebted to her for how she cared for me in a time when I really needed it. I am so proud of my breastfeeding journey, and I owe so much of that to Lauren.”

Kate B. 

" I am a proud mom of two.  My son is four and I successfully breastfed him for his first year of life.  It took us about a month to get our groove, but breastfeeding with him did not come with the challenges breastfeeding my daughter did. 


Right after my delivery with my daughter June, I went into major medical distress.  June was taken from us to be cared for by the baby nurses while I needed major medical interventions and a lifesaving surgery.  In a 24-hour span, I had a full blood transfusion, was rushed into a 3-hour surgery, spent hours on a vent and 24-hours in the ICU.  Post-surgery during my time in the ICU, June was unable to spend time with me due to COVID precautions.  I was unable to nurse her during that time and did not have the physical and mental capacity to pump to keep up my milk supply.  


After I was discharged from the ICU, I spent a week in the hospital.  June was able to be with me at this point, but I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  Hospital lactation consultants would come in and try to get me to latch her and pump, but I shooed them away.  My desire was to nurse her, but while I was hospitalized I put off the effort and energy until I got home in my space then I would do my best if my body allowed it.  I was told that I would probably not be able to produce milk due to my drastic blood loss.  June spent the first week of her life only being formula fed. 


When I got home, the work to breastfeed began.  I would nurse June then my husband or mom would formula feed her to supplement what I was producing.  At the time, I was not producing what June needed and I was at a loss for how to increase my milk production.  I took the little I knew from my first breastfeeding experience, and began pumping.  My efforts were not meeting June's needs. 


Enter Lauren.  Lauren provided me with tips for nursing and pumping to increase my supply.  She guided me through dream feeds and power pumping.  Lauren really made all the difference in getting my milk supply up to be able to sustain June's needs.  Within 2 weeks of following Lauren's guidance, June was no longer needing to be supplemented and I no longer had to put in the extra work to get my milk supply up.  I reached my goal of nursing June to one-year-old just like her big brother and it wouldn't have been possible without Lauren's support! I 1000% recommend her!"

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