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Consulting Services + PRICING

Breastfeeding looks and feels different for every family. A free introductory phone consultation is the first step to figuring out what type of lactation support is right for you. Take a look at the different support services I offer and contact me via the website or email to get set up!

In-person Services

Prenatal consultation

1-1.5 hour

During this visit we will go over the basics of lactation, discuss your breastfeeding goals and come up with an action plan and discuss helpful resources and tools that could aid in your birth and breastfeeding journey. 


home visit

1-1.5 hour

During this visit we will address any concerns about latching, supply, positioning or any general breastfeeding questions you have. We will also create and discuss your breastfeeding care plan. Includes follow up texting for 1 month. 

This can also be a visit to address pumping, going back to work and introducing solids into baby's diet  


Follow up

1-1.5 hour

This is a follow up home visit to address any additional questions or concerns from the initial home visit.


If you are signed up for any of the continued support plans, you will receive a 10% off discount for this visit.


*travel fee for distance traveled outside of davidson county

Virtual  Services

Virtual Consultations

Virtual support is a convenient option for families in or outside of Nashville! Since these visits do not require travel, they are a great option for local families who need to be scheduled urgently. These visits also provide flexibility since they are offered in 30 minute time slots. We can meet via Phone, Facetime, Zoom and Google Meet.

Prenatal Planning

During this session, I will answer any questions you have about breastfeeding, we discuss lactation basics, discuss your breastfeeding goals and come up with an action plan. I will also share helpful resources and tools that could aid in your birth and breastfeeding journey. 

30min $50
60min $85

Troubleshoot session

Similar to the Initial home visit, this is the "virtual house call" when you are home with baby and the latch doesn't feel right or it hurts. We will address latching concerns, trouble shoot, adjust and I can answer any questions you have! I would recommend video for this visit. 

30min $50
60min $85

Back to work/pumping

This session is perfect for anyone wanting to add pumping to their feeding routine. This includes going back to work, pumping instead of nursing or just wanting to be able to allow someone else to feed baby from a bottle. 

30min $50
60min $85

Private Lactation Class

~2 hours

This is a comprehensive, evidence-based breastfeeding basics class that covers: health outcomes for baby and birther, breast anatomy, how milk is made, basics of latching, increasing supply, the golden hour, the 4th trimester, breastfeeding challenges, goal setting, support, resource and supplies suggestions, pumping and more!

Group rates are available! Just ask!


Continued Support Plans

Continued support plans are a subscription based offering to continue supporting you and your family throughout your breastfeeding journey. I will be available to answer breastfeeding and nutrition related questions via text and phone calls on a daily basis. If you are subscribed to a continued support plan all other visits are 10% off. 

month to month 


3 month plan

or $224

6 month Plan

or $398

BundleD Support and Giftcards

You can bundle any services (with the exception of the continued support plans) for 10% off. Email me to talk about gift cards for any service or continued support plans!

The first Year bundle $550

The bundle includes:

  • 3 in-home visits

  • 5 half hour virtual consultations

  • unlimited text support

The perfect bundled support plan for the family who has plans to breastfeed for 1 year. Home visits and virtual consultations can be used during every stage of their baby's development or a transition back to work.

Sliding fee Scale & alternative options

If you are currently working but are not offered any paid family leave, let's talk and figure out a more reasonable fee.

If you can pay for services at cost and would like to donate funds to provide lactation support for others or contribute to a scholarship fund for more lactation counselors, let's talk!

If you are not currently working or want to learn more about free lactation services in the Nashville area, i've got you covered. Email me with the subject line "free and local lactation" and we can figure out a plan of action that is right for you!

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